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Alisa offers free workshops, to accompany this workbook, for teenage girls in her community.

lisa believes that while this workbook will go far to enlighten and encourage our leaders of tomorrow, the learning and growth experience can only be enhanced by the personal guidance of an adult who's been there.

As a struggling teenager turned successful adult professional, Alisa wants to reach out to teenage girls in her community; to personally help guide them through this workbook.

If you are the parent of a teenage girl in the New Haven or Hartford area, and would like to schedule a workshop with Alisa, call (760) 550-0575 or Email to schedule.


"52 Dances of The Butterfly"
by Alisa Lee Hunt

Changing a lifetime of behavior doesn’t happen overnight. It happens one step at a time. Here in this book are 52 steps you can take, most of them I myself have taken, to begin the journey towards a more positive attitude and a more fulfilling life.

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Alisa Hunt knows what it's like to struggle through teenage years as a young woman growing up in today's community. She's been there... and back. Alisa has striven her way to success and balance, and now she wants to give back some of the enrichment she's experienced... to pass along her hard-earned self-respect and wisdom with our leaders of tomorrow.

In an effort to help teenage girls through the inevitable struggles of these difficult years on the path to balance and success, Alisa has created this special workbook:
The Leader
in You™

Creating the Leaders
of Tomorrow

Most of us women have struggled over the course of time trying to find our place.

Today there are many successful, bright women running companies, involved in politics, athletics and universities or raising families. To become successful these women had to learn the lessons of success.

I have had to learn many of these lessons over the years through much struggle. I wish someone had shared these lessons with me sooner. This is why I've created "The Leader in You - Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow". My hope is that by sharing this workbook with you, you will not have the struggle I had.


Alisa Lee Hunt

Successful people:
  • learn how to set priorities in their lives
  • learn how to create a balance in their lives
  • learn to make adjustments
  • always look at their lives and make adjustments as necessary

This workbook is designed to review the lessons necessary to becoming successful.

Perception Creates Reality

You've heard it before…."what you believe, you can achieve". I know it sounds like the same old thing. But I also know it is true. How we see ourselves is how we become. We need to see ourselves for who we truly are. Often that is a work in process. We need to be aware of our positive and our negative qualities and then use our positive to improve our negative.

It is important to be positive and forward-looking. Looking backward and blaming others for where we are in life does not work. When I was in the 10th grade was when I finally took a look at my life. I could acknowledge that where I was to that point in time had much to do with my parents and what had happened to me as a child. But the future was dependent upon me. If I spent all my time in the past I would not have a future. It was very important to look forward and I decided that from that point on in my life I would be the one to make the decisions about how I turned out.

It is up to you to make those decisions for yourself. Create your own reality. Take a look at yourself and decide to take charge of your life. Look at yourself... do your outsides match your insides? Make sure that the impression you make on the outside matches the way you see yourself on the inside. Take charge and become the best you.

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The Leader In You
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To order this workbook for teenage girls by mail, or to plan a workshop in the New Haven or Hartford area, contact me at 760-550-0575 or Email for more information.

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