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Consulting/Coaching one on one services -
Management coaching designed to help you in day to day situations that require customized answers. The goal is to help guide you to where you want to go.

Follow up -
All seminars and training come with an option for follow up. Sometimes we need booster shots to help us put new habits and ideas into place. Our goal is to help make you successful so we offer the "booster shot" package designed to do follow up with attendees and allow for continuing phone consults as requested.

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Alisa's seminars are not limited to financial issues. Other topics include:
  • Leadership
  • Presentation Skills
  • Employee Motivation/Evaluations
  • Customer Service
  • Stress Control

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Financial Training for the Non-Financial Manager

Alisa Hunt makes accounting easier to understand with seminars customized to meet the individual needs of the client. Each seminar can be done as a half-day or a full day course. The courses can be combined into a longer workshop. Any topic can also be broken down into a keynote address with some discussion on the areas of focus.

Alisa's seminars are designed to help managers:
  • define and explain the foreign language of accounting so that managers can better understand the financial reports for which they are responsible
  • better understand where the numbers that land on their reports are coming from
  • analyze financial data, help them to see what is important on a report and understand how to zoom in on those items that are most important
  • understand how to better manage the financial resources of their departments
  • see how to build matrixes that work best for them
  • present financial data/information to a committee for the best results
    with tools to budgeting (a separate workshop)
  • see the purpose of budgeting and ways to make the process easier
  • make budgeting a dynamic workable and worthwhile tool.

Alisa will address problems experienced in many operations:

  • Meetings that waste time because few people understand what is indicated by the accounting and what they are reading on reports
  • Confusion over how to best manage the resources of a department or even understanding what those resources are
  • Feeling overwhelmed by paperwork and reports without a clear understanding of what each one provides. Most managers have found one or two numbers on a report that they understand and that is all they look at
  • A lack of buy-in to the budgets and the financial information provided to managers
  • A general consensus that all these reports are a waste of time

How Alisa can help YOUR managers:

In a simple no-nonsense straight forward explanation of what accounting is all about. After years of training managers, Alisa knows what the issues are, and how confusing the terminology can be. This is why she's developed comprehensive plain English interpretations of the terms.

Along with hearing the explanations, trainees do a lot of hands-on work to practice their new skills and knowledge. They build Financial statements from scratch using very simple companies. This allows them to see how the whole process comes together.

Alisa will analyze a simple company, then analyze the organization she is training to see what has occurred over a period of time, (weeks, months, years), depending upon the organization's situation. She will walk through with them what an accountant's or investor's thought processes are and why we look at what we do.

Organizations are trained to identify the keys in their own reports, and how to use them to improve the financial management of their areas.

Alisa will help them to understand the best way to conduct themselves at a financial meeting, to make them effective and thorough. She will help them to see how their actions in their areas affects what happens in the rest of the organization.

Trainees work hard in this workshop and it can hurt, but Alisa has always had positive feedback as to the effectiveness of the classes, and the fun that attendees have enjoyed while learning the information.

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