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Additional seminar topics presented by Alisa Hunt:

Team Building - How to gain the most from synergetic teams
Teams are built in order to make progress, make things better, accomplish a goal, or to come up with new ideas. Any of these goals can be met by following six simple rules for getting the most from your team. Team building is an interactive, fun seminar designed to show how it all comes together.

Employee Motivation/Evaluations – How to get the most from your people
Want to have loyal employees who will work hard and go out of their way to make things happen? Then this seminar is for you. Find out the key to motivating and retaining good people. As an extra bonus, find out how to make evaluation time painless.

Presentation Skills - How to build credibility and make a positive impression
When we are required to make presentations, whether one on one, or to large audiences we have an opportunity to shine, establish credibility and to make a positive impression. We also have the opportunity to lose credibility. This seminar can show you how to avoid the credibility stealing traps as well as give you the confidence to take a hold of the opportunities to shine.

Bringing out the Leader in You
Being a leader for some is instinctual, for others it is a learned skill. Everyone has within them the ability to learn and to shine as a leader. This seminar is set up to give confidence, skills, and valuable insight on being a leader in today's world.

Customer Service – How to create the storm in North America
Customer service is all about the little things. Learn how to be cognizant of the little things and how to read your customers needs. Set your wings flapping and the results will astound you.

Stress Control - How to stress less and enjoy what you are doing more
Stress cannot be deleted from our lives, but it can be reduced, controlled, and handled. Learn how to be aware of your stress levels and what you can do to deal more effectively with that stress.


How is the Universe Speaking to You?
We are constantly searching for answers and very often the answers are right in front of us. We only need to learn to listen. A motivational talk on learning to listen.

Choose Your Stress
We are always being told we need to reduce our stress. Stress does not go away. To be healthier and stronger we need to make conscious choices about our stress. Enjoy this talk on how to choose which stresses are best for you.

Who's dysfunctional?
Come from a dysfunctional family? Who doesn't? Enjoy this humorous and poignant talk on survival in a dysfunctional family.

How to Enjoy your Job and what you do.
If it were fun it would be play. Heard that before? Don't believe it. We spend so much of our time in or at our jobs that it should be fun. A look at where we work, why, and how to make it fun.

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